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Established in 2002 - is a fully integrated IT and Website Consulting and Training firm with HQ in Singapore and associate offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and India. Our core competencies are to provide value-added IT solutions by leveraging on the latest tools of the trade.


As the novel coronavirus pandemic places extraordinary stress on people, governments, and businesses, everyone is forced to contend with the changes that individuals and businesses have to adapt to in order to plan for business continuity, over this uncertain period.

Furthermore, pandemic-related traps are being used to spead malware, while Coronavirus phishing scams began well back in January 2020. With multiple scam websites abounding the web, it is of prime importance that users ensure that their PC's are well-protected.

At Axon Consulting, we view our clients as business partners and take great care in supporting organisations in order to enable business continuity during this sudden and unexpected setback in economy and in turn on businesses.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We offer VPN setup for organisations that don’t already have one configured to allow users to securely access the office network and resources from their home network.

Endpoint Security

There is an exponential rise of malicious attacks during the current Covid-19 pandemic where an unprecedented number of users having to leave the relative safe and controlled office network environment to work from home

Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams

Cloud based services are becoming an integral part of every business looking to reduce maintenance cost of server hardware, better integration with the workflow and ability to maintain access to critical files from anywhere, at any time.


List of Services

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

In this rapidly changing scenario, organisations will need to contend with deploying laptops or bite the bullet and allow staff to use their personal computers. The former comes with high upfront cost for device purchase while the latter comes with high security risk due to the lack of control over the user devices.

Network Bandwidth Optimisation

With an unprecedented number of users telecommuting, the home networks are feeling the strain in keeping up with the additional network demand for quality service. The additional demand of remote file access, video conferencing, and remote desktop access.



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